December 19th, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

I Think I Have The Spirit Back...

Well, the last of the Christmas shopping has been done and I'm pretty proud of the stuff I was able to get together this year. Especially since the if-I-hadn't taken-it-I-would-have-died-and-taken-everyone-with-me vacation put me seriously behind. Took a last minute trip around Volde-Mart last night (after a hellious night at work) to pick up a few last minute additions with what little cash I had left over this check, plus tissue paper and bags (I boxed everything that needed to be boxed with the good packaging at my job. Shh! ;)) Got pretty close to closing out the Heirs chapter that's due Saturday, but didn't get the ending done because I was just too exhausted to come up with anything as heartfelt as that scene needed.

It's been pretty eventful today, too. After Anissa took her Dad to get blood taken (how festive, huh?), both of us ventured out to World Market for stocking stuffers. And I had an ouchie when I saw the total: $75. On stocking stuffers. *facepalm* That said, they're really awesome stocking stuffers. Then it was off to Home Depot for a couple of giftcards. With the pitiful $10 I had left, I decided to forego either lunch for Anissa and I or a longed-for Frappicino from Starbucks so we could buy more cookie mix and bake again this weekend. So, once Anissa went off to work, I channeled my inner STM Lois from the Christmas fic we're writing and decided to spend the evening baking after I got all but the very last two paragraphs done for tomorrow's post (the finale goes to Anissa this time). So, I've managed to make Peppermint Chocolate Chip scones, several different types of peanut butter cookies, Lois' Famous Chocolate Chip Dump Cookies (and these aren't your momma's dump cookies, trust me), and then Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Kitchen Sink cookies. And we still have more to make!

So now I'm going to attempt to catch up to posts and replies while I fiddle with the Christmas fic and a little bit more polish to tomorrow's post. It seems like I'm never on here enough to catch all of the posts or replies lately. Let me apologize ahead of time. Hopefully things will get a little more sane at the end of the month. *sighs heavily* I swear I stay tired lately.