December 3rd, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

Heirs to the House of El: When I Grow Up (Part One)

Hey, all, and Happy Wednesday. In honor of the second worst day of the week (after Monday), we decide to cheer you up with the latest chapter. Well, it's that and we managed to screw up and blow our post date on Saturday. Please excuse us and expect the next one on time next Saturday!

Also, after some NaNo weirdness and a few change-arounds, it seems that the beta team has evened out. htbthomas has returned to us from winning at Nano! *hugs her awesome Mom*, saavikam77 has requested to stay on after being our awesome lone beta for a month and we couldn't be happier, and sean_montgomery has returned from her hiatus! We're so happy to have you back, Ab!

And now...let's party!

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