November 30th, 2008

Lois :: Sad


Made it through in one piece. More annoying and draining than even Black Friday. Going to go lay down and veg for a few. Then I'm going to work on something happy. Like the last tiny bit of the current chapter so we can get it out to beta (htbthomas, tell me when it's safe to start sending to you again and trekkie6, let me know if you still want to beta. I haven't heard anything in a little while) and then mess with the Christmas oneshot and the next chapter......Zzzzzzzzzzzz.......

*falls asleep with head on keyboard* 
ATU :: Earth Clois

What color is your soul painted? (I Know, You're All In Shock!)

What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color red, which embodies the characteristics of love, strength, physical energy, sex, passion, courage, protection, excitement, speed, leadership, power, danger, and respect. Red is the color of the element Fire, and is associated with blood, life and death, birth, volcanoes, and intense emotions.

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