November 22nd, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

ZOMG! Vacation Insanity Kicks Into High Gear!

Okay, so we have until 3AM to get all of the packing, provisioning, and other various items on our list done before we run out the door. I still have to get my hair cut, we have to find my MP3 player (because I am not listening to just Anissa's music on this trip!), we have several more loads of wash to do, and I have a nervous breakdown to have. *LOL* And yes, I'm always like this before a trip, especially since we always seem to forget something.

We'll be posting various things from the road in the next few days, phone posts and video posts and the like. I'm sure everyone will just be thrilled to death to see them. *rolls eyes* I'm trying to get to the backlog of replies for the week before we go, but I may not get to the review replies just simply because I like to sound intelligent when I answer back. Which is why I still owe januaried  replies on the last two chapters. I need to sound half as intelligent as she does.

The chapter is progressing nicely, especially after last night's inclusions. :D I think this party will be a two-chapter situation, just so we can bring to it what we want to bring to it.

Shoot, I have to go switch the laundry now. We love you guys and if we don't get to post again before we leave, miss us and we'll see you on the road! *tacklehugs her F-List*