November 3rd, 2008

Heirs :: Kal-El Jason :: Legacy

Another Mostly Great Day...

...and the 'mostly' is due to having had to work today when we were short on crew again. Although iut's getting to be par for the course, anymore. They don't even stop to consider that they have to cover the people on vacation when people go. *disgusted sigh* But most of that was cleared up when I got home and januaried  made me some gorgeous new icons, including the 'Legacy' icon with Kal-El and Jason and the Kristin icon that's currently on this week's chapter.

And that and Keeping Track caps, too? Expect to see more manips coming up in the future. ;)
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ATU :: Earth Clois

In Love!

OMG, I haven't stopped playing this video since I first saw it. Absolutely had to share.

And no, januaried, you can't watch this until you've caught up. Spoilers for the two most recent episodes, Prey and Identity. No peekie if you haven't watched yet.

Videogirl2232-Gotta Be Somebody