October 11th, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

Fic Update for Clois 100 Challenge

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, your Voice of DOOM here.  Due to the deadline extension on the 12 Days of Clois challenge, the Clois 100, we will be posting our two fics sometime during the day Saturday.  We'd originally planned to post them on Friday before midnight, but work schedules conflicted.  Besides, we gave our betas barely any time to work on the stories, and this gives them a chance to work their magic.

The coauthors do apologize for the delay, but wish to remind you that you will be receiving two full-length fics from different verses sometime Saturday.  And to further appease you, our beloved and long-suffering readers, here's two quick spoilers. 

Collapse )And that's all for now.  We are working on Heirs to the House of El again.  The second chapter has 3,700 words already, and we're not yet where we wanted to be, so this might be a long chapter.  In fact, the first few chapters of Heirs are shaping up to be somewhere in the 6,000 word range, if not higher.  Oh well - that just means there's more to love, right?