September 26th, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

Smallville Awesome: Week Two (Plastique)

I could seriously go on about this for weeks. Second episode in two weeks to make me so thrilled, it's SOOOOOO glorious! I'm not going to spend the entire post gushing, since I've been doing it in everyone else's LJ, but I have to publicly announce that, if they keep this up, I may have to have a certain writing team's TV babies. This is just rock-solid badass writing from a show that did me dirty for a LOOOONG time and they've converted me in two episodes. Rock out. ;)

Oh, and did anyone notice what might just be a Clois love theme beginning in the background of the final scene? Didn't sound like the old Zombie!Clana one or the multi-purpose one to me! ;)

ETA: Does anyone know how much squeeing was done by the author over the 'look' of Bette? XD Kala at 15, anyone? *dies*