September 23rd, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

You Made My Night, Your Royal Katness!

Much love and many thanks again to elliania  for not only keeping me occupied tonight, but for making me all those pretties! I know you're going to fuss at me for making a LJ entry about it, but you very much deserve the love! *tacklesnuggles*

As for the pretties, you'll see a couple when we post the next In Another Lifetime entry, For A Moment,  this weekend. All 6,978 words of it is now resting comfortably with the beta team. ;)
ATU :: Earth Clois

Hey, Kat!

Took your advice and fixed the profile. Tell me if it looks right.

*turns up her Girls Aloud, puts on her sunglasses, and determinedly heads to work, hoping for a decent day*
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