September 15th, 2008

Lois :: Badass


How is it that I've spent the last two months on what could likely be my best video ever on this god-forsaken machine and now it's not letting me save it?!?!

*screams and wishes she could shoot it without destroying the entire computer*

I think I'm going to try again for that Sony Vegas trial. You hear that, WMM?! I'm going to cheat on you with something sleeker and sexier! I've wanted to do it forever, but haven't. Take that! *vicious laughter*

Now, having said this, watch the damn Vegas not work on my machine. Grrr....
ATU :: Earth Clois


I just finally managed to finish my first 'video' video in several months! Even after I lost all of my Superman footage! And I honestly think that this one is the best I've ever done. There might be one or two tiny mess-ups, but this is a hundred times better than my other ones. And I can finally get Love Song Requiem out of my head. *dies of the happy* All this and a new surprise manip from januaried ? No wonder my Muse is wide awake! :D  

Just waiting for it to load up on YouTube! *squee!*