September 2nd, 2008

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Teensy-Weensy Spoilers for Heirs to the House of El

This is Anissa posting. I'm just too damn excited not to post. And I've bribed Lois with tiramisu and ginger cookies and blueberry cheesecake muffins* until she agreed to let me do this. We've added maybe 5,000 words total to the Heirs stuff this weekend, so you'll be getting a word count and a tiny spoiler on each thing.

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*Why the hell are we cooking so much? Mom has a real oven. We don't at home. So when we housesit at Mom's, especially towards autumn when my Awesome Badass Cook instincts awaken, we cook. A lot. Yesterday was pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin spice muffins for dessert - pumpkins are nomlicious. Day before that was chicken tenders with Moroccan spice rub, served with cous cous with Mediterranean spices, pine nuts, and sultanas. For dessert we had baked apples. Yeah, you guys really wanna hang around me when I'm getting my chef on.