August 27th, 2008

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We're Behind You, Brandon!

 Happily passed on by request of teh_pariah:

On The Planet, or more specifically BR.C, fans of Superman Returns have begun a letter and email campaign to WB express their support of Brandon Routh, and their wish that he keep the role. I want to spread this message as far and wide as possible, especially here on LiveJournal where I know there is a large community of SR and Brandon fans. Even though it appears we will no longer get our long-promised sequel, and petition campaigns are rarely successful, we still want to put our disappointment to good use rather than passively accepting WB's rash and possibly disastrous course of action. So please, SR fans, help us by doing your part and vocalizing your support! All information and discussion can be found here:

The first post contains almost everything you need to know, but emails for the heads of WB are available on the second page, and right here: and

Spread the word like a virus! Post about this in your own journals! You never know the power of fans unless you speak up and try. ;)

We all know that I personally would like to hand Warner their ass right about now. This is just just foolish and wasteful, if the rumors are true (I'm trying to stay hopeful! *hugs her saavikam77*). I would like to see both Brandon and Bryan remain with the project. Honestly, it's idiotic to be rebooting a film that was to relaunch a franchise. Heck, I'm more than willing to give Boz another shot after seeing 21 and Wonderland.  And if I'm willing to go there with her, I think everyone should give this project another chance.
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Why is it that someone hears what you say (you think since it was loud and clear enough to be heard in Calcutta), knows that you're going to be hopelessly furious and hurt if you do what they asked you not to do it, knows that they're walking a very fine line with you, and yet they go right out and do it? Obviously thinking, "I'm not worried about it; she'll be mad, but she'll get over it?"

*screams furiously and throws a rock at their head*

One of these days, I'm going to break down and do what I threaten just to make my point. Be glad that I don't have easy transport, dammit!

F-List, why are people so willing to not take people's words to heart? Especially when they've made it clear how they feel?

God, I'm so pissed right now.