August 17th, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

Hey, You Guys...

Guess what just went to beta?! *evil grin* Not just that, but the next installment of In Another Lifetime. How that for a week's work?

Expect to see Unfamiliar in the next few days and Before It's Too Late at the beginning of next month, as soon as the Clois 100 returns to 12days_of_clois.

We really hope that they were worth the wait.  

ATU :: Earth Clois

Oh, Now, Come On!

And just when the week was looking up. *growls* Surprise, Tropical Storm Fay is here to see you! *headdesk* And I work Wednesday? *a second headdesk* And landfall doesn't look too far off Jax, my friends. Don't think I'll hesistate to call out that day if I have to. That thing's not getting my database.

*crosses arms and pouts*