August 16th, 2008

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The Manga Me And Giving WB A Piece Of My Mind

That turned out pretty cute, actually.


Oh, and...

Dear WB,

You have always been my absolutely favorite studio, bar none, since I was a child. You have always impressed me with the quality of films you have put out over the years. But this is the most foolish thing I have seen you do. Hot on the heels of a huge success with The Dark Knight, too. Fans of Harry Potter, a series which has always traditionally been a huge box-office draw for you at Christmastime with families, are now going to be forced to wait an extra seven months, at the least, for a film they were promised would be released in two months. Shame on you. Have you any clue how many fans you are disappointing, this writer included? Not to mention all of those that have already made plans for meet-ups within the fandom. For shame.

And then, to add insult to injury, you are going to try to make it up by releasing Twilight, which has had so much publicity recently early? What is that? Just because the final book was just released, you're going to try to rush it in for a quick buck? I apologize for thinking you knew better. Also keep in mind that that might just be a little stupid, considering that a good portion of fans have been horribly disappointed by the final book. How many tickets might that lose you? 

As for your excuse of having no large film for summer...

*takes a deep breath to calm herself*

*doesn't know if she can do it*

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ETA: I stand corrected on the studio for Twilight, thanks to chickadilly. That was actually the thing that made me the least angry, but now that makes me all the more bitter. Idiots. 



ETAAGAIN: I'm adding a graphic that Lea found on another site to throw in the fandom's feelings. Photobucket
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