August 13th, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

Now I'm Reminded Of Why We All Love Our Fandoms...

After running across this video on YouTube, I'm reminded of why we all need our fandoms so much. I can't really explain why this video got to me so much, but sniffling did occur. And you'll see at 3:45 what brough me over to find it in the first place. Trust me, the video is love.

And anyone that can find me a copy of this song will be adored forever. I believe it's 'Until' by Tina Arena.

ATU :: Earth Clois

And I Never Though Smallville Could Teach Us A Lesson

After watching this video again, I'm posting this as an 'I Love You' to my entire F-List, especially because I know that many of us are struggling with disappointments and depressions in our lives at the moment. You guys are my family, I hope you know that. I wonder and worry about all of you at some point every day. If you ever feel as though no one thinks about you, know that I do. One person out there loves you and thinks of you. I wish I could just wave a wand and make all of the hurt go away. I wish I could wave a wand and be able to have us all together just once so we had a way to talk in person and I could hug you all. We're a family, even if some of us have to be away for a while because of sickness or work (yes, I mean you, elliania) or school (most of the F-List, especially januaried *LOL*). I'm especially prone to letting myself slip into the sadness, but I have so many amazing people out there that care that it never lasts long.

Now, I'm going to post this thing and be done with it before I sound even more like a doof. I love you, guys. May tomorrow dawn a little brighter (not that I'll know if it is until around 1 or 2 PM, though!) *blows kisses*

ATU :: Earth Clois

OMFG, I'm In Love... *Recommending*

xenokattz, you rock the mother-f*&^ing house down. Don't ask questions; just go read: 

Just Because Everything is Different, Doesn't Mean Anything Has Changed

Most especially if you're a fan of either Lois or Rogue (of the X-Men, for the three people out there that don't know). Pitch-perfect, people. Kattz, I'm going to recc the hell out of this thing. *hugs you* Badass.
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