August 4th, 2008

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The Heart Meme; Gacked From saavikam77

Is it humiliating to say that this was not a surprise? *hides* Please, everyone, pretend to be shocked. Really... *groan*

Your result for The Heart Test...

Slave to Emotions

You are 40% Independent, 80% Idealistic, 70% Intimate, and 90% Indulgent!

The Slave to Emotions

Dependent, Idealistic, Intimate, Indulgent

You are the most emotional of hearts, the Slave to Your Emotions. You crave love, and have high standards for love. You are very intimate and value harmony with a mate. Sometimes you may feel that you are over-emotional and see this as a curse at times, because you are so emotionally-charged, and you so greatly desire love. You might want to break the emotional chains that bind you, but find that the ideals of love and intimacy are firmly shackled to you and cannot be severed.

Matches for the Slave to Emotions:

The Bleeding Heart

The Bleeding Heart is idealistic and indulgent as you are, and just as love-needy, making for lots of shared common ground. You'll also find the Bleeding Heart to be more passionate and fun-loving, something that at first might turn you off, but you will find this will provide a perfect balance to your intimate nature.

The Heart of Gold

The Heart of Gold values harmony and unity just as you do, and shares your ideals of love and intimacy, but is more independent. The Heart of Gold will never leave you and always be there to love you, and this above all else you will appreciate. The Heart of Gold's loving nature will make you feel as if you have found someone to help carry your rattling emotional chains, and that they are glad to do it.

The Patron Saint's Heart

The Patron Saint's Heart craves love just as you do and value harmony and togetherness as well, but is more down-to-earth and passionate than you. However, you will value these more sensual qualities, and the Patron Saint's more protective and loving nature will make you feel loved needed, something value greatly.

Your exact opposite is The Lord's Heart.

Avoid Explicits when possible. They're open and frank nature is contrary to yours. You may also want to avoid Independents unless they have other qualities you seek to balance them out, as you are a person who craves closeness with another person.

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ATU :: Earth Clois

The Video Bunneh, She Bites Hard...

So hard that I'm downloading a Sony Vegas trail to attempt it. I'm going to try for a Thanks For The Memories vid to go with the love square in the next installment. The biggest issue? Getting a copy of a certain film ripped and deciding whether to go with the Christmas theme of the next installment or just use the theme from that story. Decisions, decisions!

Heading off to my mom's now, but I'll be plotting all day, I'm sure. After the way yesterday went, I get this feeling that Thanks For The Memories (the story, that is, the next installment in the So Close 'verse) might get a workout tonight. Angsty, baby!  

Love you all and hope that most of you are finishing Breaking Dawn. It's been crickets all weekend! *hugs her F-List tight* I love you guys!