July 17th, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

And We're Both Off Together For Two Days

...which means that we'll be finishing up a lot of our half-finished projects this weekend. We're started with our 4th of July fic for 12days_of_clois, which is going to be set in the Snapshots series of Little Secrets (STM-SII era; pre-LS). Just how much does it take to knock Dr. Marrin out of the running for our favorite Fearless Reporter's heart once and for all? Well, we're about to see. :D This guy is currently titled, originally, Fireworks.   

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Work also continues on our August entry, which will be the sequel to the very popular Unfamiliar. I personally think that this one will be worth the wait. ;)

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And work on Heirs to the House of El continues. I get this feeling that it might even be more interactive than Little Secrets was. 

There are likely more things that will be worked on, but this is the main plan. :D