July 2nd, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

I Really Need To Send All Of You Personal Valentines...

Here's the listing of all of our noms, noms that you gave us, since I wasn't home when the banners were posted earlier today. We love you all so much for these! They really do mean the world to us and it just makes us want to continue to do your faith in us justice. Heirs to the House of El will begin in just a couple of months and there are at least three installments left in In Another Lifetime.

And now, what made me smile like a fool. The noms, listed by series: :D

Collapse )

Let me say yet again that we love you all so much for this. Neither of us can get over the nominations round yet. *hugs you so tight you'll feel it always* 

And after viewing the final ballot one more time, Anissa informs me that 12 of those nominations made it to the final voting. *shakes head in disbelief* Eight for LS, three for In Another Lifetime. And I can't believe that we're still in the running for Best Author. Is it awful to really hope to win a portion of these guys? *blushes beet-red anf hides*