May 22nd, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

The Oneshot, The Oneshot, The Oneshot's On Fire...

Kat, Laurel, I really need another really sexy Lois/Kal-El icon for Unfamiliar. I mean, really need it. Mrrrrrrrr.... This latest oneshot, running in writing tandem as Historic, is just as sexy as Finally and The Final Word. We're about 3,000 words in and it's just... wow. It's probably as sexy as Come Undone and Heart and Soul, even. 

What's better? It's not actually written as smut. (then again, I don't really consider what we write as smut ever, so...) :D But it is definitely sexy. *wishes she and rizny had gotten to the SiT or Amityville manips before her break*

Once again, Reeveverse is bringing sexy back. *victory arms*