March 27th, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

*Geeking Out*


And on that note, I'll spend the day fixing and drowning in wedding bliss. This chapter turning into such fun (currently 7,455). I might even watch the films this afternoon to make sure I'm in top form for this final run through...

And the wedding itself is next week. SO excited!
ATU :: Earth Clois

*LOL* As If Every Fan Of LS *Didn't* See This Coming...

 Heh. Guess what? The final chapter count of LS is going up by one. The current one is so big that it's going to have to be broken in two. So, I was wrong as usual. A grand tradition here at Little Secrets, ladies and gents. XD

There will be two chapters this week. The wedding will be next weekend. I can't stop smiling and fully expect to cry when we start the final chapter. I really can't believe we're finally here!

I hope you guys will enjoy this as much as we are.