March 1st, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

Posting LS: Chapter Seventy-Seven

 Not rain nor sleet nor snow nor stupid frikkin' cold will stop me if I post a deadline. Usually. Most of the time.

The aftermath of the engagement as the first Christmas with the extended family draws to a close as more surprises continue to abound. 

Three more chapters to go after this, everyone. Or so we think. 

Until then, may I present...

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ATU :: Earth Clois

Hehehehehehehehehehe.... Up To No Good, Clois-Style

Sooo. We've been skulking around doing the wedding planning thing and realized that we aren't going to be able to do samples that are personal. *looks evil, grins, and looks at our graphics partners in crime* Hey, riznyand elliania, if we send something, think we can make it work? XD  

ETA:  Lois and Clark's wedding in LS!  Relax, folks.
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