February 18th, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

Almost There...

 Last day of vacation. *wince* Don't wanna go back!

The good news is that the chapter went to the beta team last night and we already have one back. Once we get the other two in and do a last minute polish on it, we'll have it up immediate. Stay tuned for lter this evening.

And we've got 800 words on the sequel to Baby, It's Cold Outside for 12days_of_clois, thus far. Why are morning-afters so damn awkward? Especially when they've near been for Lois before now? I'll put up the first spoiler in a few days, once we've gotten further. I really think you guys will love this one, which is the second part in the In Another Lifetime storyline. Just discussing it in Asheville had the two of us laughing.

elliania, I'll be looking around for pics today. Let's see if I do better this time. ;)