February 8th, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

OMG, Were They *Trying* To Break My Heart? (Crack!ville 7x11)

And how many Clois fans had to fight tears over this? I didn't even know what happened until I started watching it and started sniffling. I always told you guys that Millar and Gough are the Devil. At least we all know that Clark will be a little smarter about all of the heroing than Ollie was. And that Lois will decide he's worth the risk. *hugs them both* And I love Dopey for being so understanding. Makes up for Teh Stupid of the Zombie!Clana of late, although I didn't see what mentally-retarding activities Dopey and the Mayor of Whine-ville were up to this evening.

*hugs Durance!Lois again*