January 28th, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

And As A P.S. To The Letter Last Post...

 Dear 2008,

It has been the observation of this F-List that you are no quite living up to your end of the agreement that you would stop sucking within a few week's time-frame. You continue to let us down in our expectations with your continued gloomy periods and such. We demand better strides in the direction of happy times and good news. If not, I'm afraid we might have to replace you with 2009, which would be a shame since it would effect space-time. But we will do what's necessary. We will take action with or without your consent if this trend continues. This is your final warning.


Lois' F-List

P.S. You owe Ashlyn a sister, BTW. And that's overdue. :D
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