January 23rd, 2008

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Good Night And God Bless, Heath...

I was going to post about this yesterday, but I think I'm still trying to get my mind around it. Anissa called me at work to tell me the news. At first I didn't believe it. He was only a year younger than me. He has a beautiful young daughter. He has a film coming out in the next few months that has generated a huge amount of buzz, a good portion of which was because of his interpretation of the Joker. A film that would very likely be a blockbuster and finally make people take stand up and force them to take notice. And then, in an instant, a bright star in the film industry was gone.

Heath was an extraordinary actor. If you've seen his body of work, everything from 10 Things I Hate About You  to Monster's Ball to A Knight's Tale, you know that his tastes in roles were eclectic and his performance, heartfelt. Heath was his role for the time he performed it. All eighteen of his films here in America atest to this. And I could go on for hours about his amazing performance as Ennis del Mar in Brokeback Mountain, a role that many 'straight' actors would have balked at, but in which I personally think was his strongest and most beautiful performance. Especially in that I spent the whole film wanting to either snuggle him and tell him that it was all going to be alright or beat him in the head for being so stupid. It was the believability he brought to that role that finally made people stand up and acknowledge him.  

Heath, you were a star on the rise with a bright future, plucked from the sky far too soon. Who knows what more you could have brought to our lives? Know that you are missed and loved by the many fans that mourn you and the many more that The Dark Knight will bring. 

Rest in peace, sweetheart. You've earned it.
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ATU :: Earth Clois

A Little Spoiler To Hold You Until Thursday Or Friday...

The latest chapter is running a tiny bit behind from our guesstimate of a Tuesday post, but we're nearly finished. We have one scene left to write, one to finish, and then it's off to the Beta Team. I'm pretty sure that we'll have it to you before Saturday. It's currently twelve pages and the infamous editorial is finished. I think it turned out amazing, but you guys be the judge when it goes up. Another big chapter, so I hope no one minds. :D 

And we're seriously winding down to the end, ladies and gents. Six more chapters, although I may cheat and go over by one. I want at least two chapters for the Grand Finale. *sighs* I can't believe it's almost over. But it's not like we're going anywhere, what with oneshots, the EPBOD, and Heirs

One last day at work and then I spend the day with my parents. And then it's only a little more than three weeks to Asheville. Thank God. *headdesk* We think that our 12days_of_clois piece will be written in a cabin in the snow. *crosses fingers* Here's hoping! 

And I nearly forgot! Your spoiler!

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