January 17th, 2008

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Ponder This, Dear F-List...

 Until I can get up and directly post some of these, I suggest you take a look at this link. I promise that it will make the rest of your day better. Just don't be drinking a beverage or be near your boss while reading. You might hurt yourself. :D

ETA: Finally uploading some now. Thanks to

scans_daily       for making this moment of hilarity possible.


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ATU :: Earth Clois

Dear Last Two Weeks,

 The F-List has respectfully decided to deny your existence in the hopes that our entire year doesn't completely suck. If you would like to see proof of our resolve, I would point you toward entries made by saavikam77, sean_montgomery, bistyboo1974, and myself. Please consider the entirety of aforementioned F-List to be included in said denial.

Yours Very Truly,

The Author (not to be confused with her Twin, the Writer)
ATU :: Earth Clois

The Vid-Bunny Attacks!

Well, while trying to get some of the final edit in there before Anissa comes home and on a mission to find young Annette pics for rizny, the Video Bunny (who has been sadly neglected since we got the new computer) reared up and bit my ankles bloody. Currently I'm a minute and a half into an STM video set to Lit's (I'm In) Over My Head. *LOL* And it really does suit Kal-El in the first film. Wish me luck! 

ETA: Stupid WMM! I'm going to find out how much it costs for Vegas and be done with you forever! It should not take two hours to do the first two minutes of a video! Especially when you're just making the skeleton of it!