January 6th, 2008

ATU :: Earth Clois

Dear Sunday,

You suck. Some days I don't know why I work retail.

I feel yucky and blah. I don't even feel like working tonight. 

I'm also staring to wish I had held the last couple of chapters until after the holidays. I might want to hold next week's chapter. It might not have been our best work.

And I also found out today that Gene Hackman has been shopping on and off at the Bed, Bath, and Beyond at the Beaches store. Why not ours? :(

I hate you, Sunday.

I'm now going to eat chocolate-covered popcorn and forget you happened. Might even have a glasses or two of Pama with it.
ATU :: Earth Clois

LJ Comic Book

Your LJ Comic Book by _blacklipgloss_
Your secret alias is...Grammar Mole
Your sidekick is...babb_chronicles
Their secret alias is...dead, thanks to your frivelous antics.
The controller of your headquarters is...the_scary_kitty
Your arch enemy is...sasusc
Their secret alias isFlufferz
Your secret mistress is...ljs_lj
Her name is...Magnola Varnish
Starts out good but turns evil in the end..thelifeofbrian
Starts out evil but sacrifices their life for theanissa7118
At the end of the comic book you...Die in a victorious battle, and the world is saved.