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Well, I Am Now Home For The Duration...

 Funny how a lack of hours at work turns out to be good for you for once. Thanks to the shortage, I now have until Saturday to get final prep ready for Saturday. And how grateful am I for that? *happy smile*

But I had a unexpected visit last night that made what turned out to be a complete headache a little brighter. In between all of the projects that I had to attempt to finish (I hate resets, especially in the lotion aisle. Please don't make me describe it) and the freight a certain someone decided that they didn't want to see (glares at her co-worker), I looked up from the Harmon desk to see a customer looking my way. 

Much to my surprise, I looked up to see mrsmosley!  I was so surprised! We knew each other in school and I have a picture of us together somewhere (I really do, Lisa. I think we were in it with Scotty Moody), so I recognized her immediately (although it does help that she's posted pics before). Now, we had the usually grumpy MOD last night, so it was like a breath of fresh air to my night thus far. So we talked about LS and I got giggly. You guys think waaaay too much of Little Ol' Me! *hugs Lisa* And yes, she got some spoilers. You guys know me. XD So she has an idea of some of the details coming up in the future. *winks at Lisa* We actually talked until Dan came over to break us up and ask me to stay late last night. *LOL* Thanks so much much for coming by! It made my night SO much better!

Well, I have a lot to do to get everything together for the wrap-party, so I'm going to scurry. We hope to have plenty to do on Saturday for those of you that are here. 

Oh, did I mention that we're 3,282 before I start today and that Anissa and I have already cried? 


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