December 24th, 2007

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Posting Little Secrets: Deleted Scene-Thursday Night (Giving Thanks)

Okay, everyone has been hearing us whisper about this guy for a bit now. Look, B, it's up early!


Title: Little Secrets: Deleted Scene-Thursday Night (aka Giving Thanks)
Rating: Very much M
Word Count: 3,779 words
Summary: This little edited piece was taken out strictly for time and content, although we still consider it important for the evolution of the characters and their relationship. This scene is set after the aftermath of the pillow-fight in Black Friday and before waking up the next morning to break the news at the Planet. This is why the pillow-fight ended without even a kiss. ;)
Author's Note: MERRY CHRISTMAS, htbthomas! This is for you! *both girls hug Mom* Thanks ever so very much to elliania, trekkie6, ecabs, and sean_montgomery for all the help and beta work, especially Abby and Trekkie at Zero Hour. *adores her girls*

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