December 13th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

The Infamous Thursday Update and Spoiler

And you thought last week was good? *LOL* This week goes a step beyond and had Anissa and I laughing with every word. And one of my favorite moments in Little Secrets history occurs this chapter. How Far We've Come was a title I considered, but I like Black Friday better for this one. ;) 

It currently stands at 4,489 words and nine pages, with one big scene to go involving the babies. *snickers* I love that scene, too.  

Progress continues on the Christmas tale and the Deleted Scene, but a bit more slowly because of taking the day off for my birthday. Rest assured, they're on their way.

And your spoiler? How about this?

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How's that? :D
ATU :: Earth Clois

The Christmas Fic-Thing Made For Me By xenokattz

 I opened my Inbox this morning and look what fell out! I love this little guy, Katt! Do you mind if I call it 'Just From Me'?

Character: Superman/Lois or Clark/Lois (you pick the 'verse, just please not L&C. *pleads complete with praying hands*)
Prompt: Don't they have ice where you come from?
Song: What are you doing on New Years’ Day?

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