December 8th, 2007

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Posting LS: Chapter Sixty-Nine

Welcome back, readers! It’s been a long ride to get to this point, but all the loose ends in Little Secrets are starting to be tied up. This particular day will be a momentous one for the cast; several surprises are had and certain secrets are finally revealed. You also get to hear Richard White quote the inestimable Caroline, known to many of you as bistyboo1974.
As always, many thousands of thanks go to our amazing beta team. You three ladies rock the house down.
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And that’s all for now! Tomorrow is Black Friday in LS’s world, and given that one of the coauthors works in retail, you just know it’s going to be a special day for our characters. 
ATU :: Earth Clois

Gacked From bistyboo1974

 End of Year Meme: Post the first sentence or two of the first entry for each month in 2007. 

JANUARY - <rant> When the hell are they going to fix the alerts? FF has had them down how long? ACK! I can't even send out personal alerts to let everyone know! (*dies* Anyone remember that round of break downs?)

FEBRUARY - Chapter 29, Playing with Fire, now stands at 2,215 words and 5 pages. (*LOL* WOW! That was a while back. Just before the twins were stolen!)

MARCH - Alright, ladies, we slacked a bit last night (I worked until almost 1 AM, then we had to do the weekly brainstorming and the shopping), but we have one last scene to cover. (The week that Kala told Jason who their Daddy was.)

APRIL - It was Sunday night. There was Crack!Tudors. There is a whole season. All is meet and right with the world. *faints with happiness* (*hugs and misses her Crack!Tudors. Where the hell is Season Two! Stupid strike!)

MAY - Well, it's been a long day, but it ended as a good one, seeing as how Once Upon a Time is now 3,234 words and 6 pages.

JUNE - I went in yesterday, me of the topsy-tervy digestive system and the low-flown cardinal, to the firing squad. Needless to say, they weren't too thrilled with me because I called in Wednesday.

- Fear me, for I am the Voice of Doom and I have Lois' password ... MWUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Needless to say, Anissa stole the LJ that day!)

AUGUST - Voice Post: Voice update: WTF is SpinVox and why are they transcribing me?!?!?   (*dies*)

SEPTEMBER - Okay, this one snuck up on you and attacked us by word-count. The Muse, she was active last night. (Post day for Coming Around Again)

OCTOBER - You Thought You'd Feel Better After A Call-Out Day...  and you still feel like ten tons of cow poo.

NOVEMBER - A Meme Stolen From sean_montgomery, Who Gacked It From brdwaybebe 

DECEMBER - Welcome back, all. The chapter's quite large this week and real life is moving up quickly on our pair.
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*Sighs, Rolls Eyes*

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I have to work a nine and a half hour shift tomorrow, which means I need to get to bed early. I still need to bleach the strands of my hair that will be getting the red dye next week, we have two projects to work on (B, we've started, but the oneshot may end up to you later in the week since we decided to add something more to it. :D), and we want to make cookies.


And Anissa just finally left the bedroom.

Thank God.

ETA: Teh bleaching, it has begun and is being done by my wonderful and talented girlfriend (who is even now holding bleach nearby while reading this post over my shoulder). So, that's one thing off my list. :D Now to fic and cookies. I hope.