November 21st, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Little Secrets Progress Update

Hello, folks, Voice of Doom here with a little announcement.
We are thinking very seriously about holding the chapter until next week. At least until Monday. The reasons are several:

  • Lois has been sick.
  • She's getting her tail kicked at work.
  • I don't feel so hot, either, and I'm darned busy cooking.
  • It's a big holiday weekend, so who's gonna have time to read?
  • One of our betas is out of town.  *cries*  We miss you, Barb.  Have fun, but come home soon, ok?
  • We're 3,000-some-odd words in on a Tuesday night, which is two nights left before our self-imposed deadline, and real life is not being kind to the muse right now.
  • We finished two one shots for this week, one LS-verse, one original movieverse.
  • There's a lot going on in these next few chapters, and we haven't had much of a chance to work on notes and see what has to go where. 

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Ta-daa!  That's all, folks.  Now, keep wondering about that spoiler...

ATU :: Earth Clois

Too Damn Funny

Your Score: Leonardo / Dorothy

Your ki is made up of 70% Vigor and 58% Wisdom

Your intelligence and vigor make you the natural leader of the Golden Girls. You are the most spiritual of the girls, with the strongest sense of honor and duty. You keep a cool head under pressure. Perhaps the other Golden Girls don't listen to you as much as they should (especially not Raphael,) but when it's time to face the Foot Clan, they know that you're the one who can bring them out on top. Wielding two silvery katanas, you slice through your enemies with a precision and grace that can only be beaten by one of those disposable razors that has three blades. You know the kind I mean.

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