November 17th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

I Guess This Is the Part Where I Promise Not To Grouse Anymore...

and just finish LS when it's time. We're almost done with this Arc and we have one last three chapter epilogue. The only question becomes, since it seems to be running too long for some fans, I put a question to you:

ETA: Stupid poll set-up isn't wanting to work so just reply in comments. After three re-dos, I give up!

AETA: Just for the record, this isn't about how many reviews we recieve. I know that some of you aren't comfortable with leaving them or are unsure what to say. Don't think you're being scolded in the least. I love you, reviews or no reviews. It's more about knowing if we've gone on too long. There is still more to come, but I know alot of people were in this for the action, so this is just letting both of us touch base with you. All is well! *hugs and kisses*

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 You're welcome to post anonymously if you like. I'm just curious. I'm still more than happy to continue the last twelve chapters I have planned and close it out with a bang. In the end, I'm happy with the story and the journey it's taken. Especially since only we know we're going to do in the end. :)
ATU :: Earth Clois

The Tribe Hath Spoken-LS Continues On As Is...

Plans go forward to finish in twelve chapters and not to cut it short. Thanks all of you for the input and know that we love and respect that everyone came through with answers. There have been so many of you that have trusted us for so long; know that your opinions matter. I just wanted to be sure that we were 'staying too long at the party'. I've always worried about that, as you all know. I also have realized that sometimes I must make some things sound like they worry me more than it really does. That, and it seems that reviews and thhings are down all over So, no more worrying on that account. The end is coming up soon enough, so I can just let it go. Almost to the finish line. 

Also, the oneshots will continue for as long as 12days_of_clois exists.   Anissa says if all are good, the next round of 12 Days will bring us the Christmas before Heirs, which will involve the entire LS family. 

There's just one little detail we have to get to before we get there. ;)