November 13th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Drive-By Progress Update

Just a little note to let you know that the final polish on Chapter Sixty-Seven will be done this evening and should be off to the Beta Team then. It currently stands at 5,144 words and 10 pages. I really expect it to go one more by the time we add the ending and two important details that occured to both of us. I really think it'll be enjoyed. :D I have the title name, but am keeping it mum for the moment. We might even post it early, maybe Friday. It will be worth the wait, we promise. ;)

In other news, Chapter Sixty-Eight is growing as well. 2,187 words and four pages as of last night. I'm just glad we're getting this much done when things are as crazy as they are. Just remember, it wouldn't always be this light and fluffy. And that's the only spoiler you get for the moment. ;)

Oh, and Lex? There won't be another Act Four before the end of the story, but he'll rally one more time. That I can promise you.

Always on the burner for my day off tomorrow, I need to finish I Know the Truth. It's been weird working on a solo project (which Anissa decided she won't read until I'm finished) and a little slower going, but it should be finished by tomorrow night (I hope) and then I get to bug ellianiafor another banner. I also need to remember to upload the SIII pics that rizny_notes found me so she can do that.

And time to go to Harmon's is coming up quick. Still don't know how I feel about it, but the others say it's the perfect job for me. All I know is that I was happy at Customer Service, for the most part. We'll see how it goes starting Sunday. *crosses fingers*