November 6th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Update: OMFG This Chapter... *dies*

Warning to all husbands/boyfriends/significant others of LS readers: Take your vitamins.  Get some extra sleep.  Make sure you're in good shape.  One Week is *ahem* coming this week.  If the LS coauthors have been doing their job right, sometime Saturday your LS reading wife/girlfriend/whatever is going to knock you down like a freight train and have her wicked way with you.

And we're not even to the real smut yet.  OMG.  (BTW, Lois just smacked me for calling it smut.  Look, any scene with more than one orgasm in it counts as smut in my book, y'all!)

Anyway, as of this moment, we're at 6,261 words and 12 pages.  Not bad for this early in the week!  Well, considering that this scene was started in March '07 - at least that early - it's been a looooong wait but we hope it's worth it.  The beta team will probably enthusiastically vouch for it...

There's still two scenes to finish and one to write.  But who knows, this one might actually get to the betas early.  And the next chapter is almost done already ... it's sort of a continuation of this one.  If this week's chapter is the foreplay, next week's chapter is the climax.  So to speak.

(If you didn't guess, this is Anissa writing this post.  Lois will kill me.) 

ETA: Lois just dies of embarassment. So much for keeping what it is even slightly a secret!

Oh, you want a spoiler?  I suppose I could spoil you all from the non-sexy portions of the chapter...  Nah.  I think you might stalk me to my house and hold me hostage until I hand over the whole chapter if I do that.  So here's your spoiler:


Collapse )

That's all for now.  :D

ETA: *kicks Anissa in the butt*  Stay tuned, guys. *kicks the co-author again, just for good measure*