November 5th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Progress Update

Good morning (or afternoon), all! After finally getting nine hours of sleep (and isn't that weird?), I am proud to announce that the chapter is at 5,130 words and eleven pages. On a Monday. Now, we have cheated a bit in that some of this chapter was written at an earlier date, but about 2,000 of it was written last night. And we're only posting the first chapter of One Week on Saturday. That way everyone gets to enjoy it a bit more. This is it, folks, what some of you have been waiting for since Act Five opened. And we even get a visit from someone I told you hadn't disappeared for good! ;)

I'm so excited to be here finally. Remember when I thought it was going to be within a couple of chapters into Home? *snort* Oh, well, we wouldn't have had Smallville and that was important to the plot. I'm glad we actually got the chance to do that. And we're not too terribly far from the end of this Act. There's still the epilogue to contend with, which should be a crowd-pleaser and several chapters long, but we'll be ending this section at Christmas time and picking the finale up in April. Interested? We hope so. I'd like to say we'll be there by New Years, buuut... Yes, this is the fic that doesn't end. *sigh* Sorry we're taking so long to wrap, everyone.

And I apologize for not commenting as much as I should be lately. Things are picking up at work again, with no shortage of headaches and still with itty-bitty crews.  And if I have to listen to Blue Christmas until January, after having to listen to it for the last month, I may just kill myself. And they haven't changed the Musak over yet, thank God!  Besides, who's brilliant idea was it to start putting that stuff up at the end of September? Not to mention the cinnamon pinecones three feet in front of Customer Service. ACK!!! Just tell me and I'll kick his ass for the good of all retail employees everywhere. Odious bastard. :P