October 31st, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Okay, Is It Just A Busy Week Or Are We Boring Everyone Again?

Well, Halloween was great. We spent the day with our friends and readers Connie and Jeremy in beautiful Savannah in wonderful weather. A trip up to Yemassee, to the Carolina Cider Company, yielded bottles of Muscadine, Peach, and Blackberry Cider, as well as several kinds of jellies. Once that was done, it was off to the famous Bonaventure Cemetery (featured in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil). We got there around 3:00 and stayed until almost closing at 5. It was a great walk, as always. We took quite a few pictures there and marvelled over it for the hundredth time (we love the place and have yet to get through the whole thing in one afternoon). Then onward to River Street and the Savannah Candy Kitchen. The amount of money I spend in that shop is just insane. Three boxes of their pralines, both the original and the chocolate, and a half-pond of Halloween gophers later, we were off again. Lunch at the Burger King in the historic section (we plan to go back to Olympia, the Greek resturant there on the river that Anissa took me to for my birthday the other year, the next time we have the money. I shopped too much for anything else), then back on the highway. All in all, a very enjoyable Halloween/Samhein. And the night isn't over just yet. We still have plans before bedtime. *sighs happily*

I'm also happy to report that I've begun the Christmas shopping and that we may have a solution to the computer problem. Other than the power supply replacement.*grins happily* But that doesn't mean that I'm not crossing my fingers.

Now, for my fellow fic writers,I have a question. Have everyone's reviews slowed lately? Or just ours? Is it just because of the beginning of the holiday season and everyone's busy? I'd like to think that's what it is, but the numbers for the last chapter or so have been worrisome. We have a little ways longer to go with Little Secrets, but I'm starting to worry again that we may be drawing things out too much. Yes, Lois is being a worrywart again. I just don't want to lose the audience before the end. I don't want to be the series that went on two seasons too long. One more chapter to One Week and I'm biting my nails. Just give me a heads-up, all.  

Now, I'm off to add to I Know The Truth and will be waking Anissa from a nap to work on the chapter shortly. *hugs*