October 20th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Happy Birthday, bistyboo1974

Since we'll be sleeping when you wake up, Anissa and I asked Neville to send Trevor with a very important message:

We love you so much, sweetheart, and wish you a very Happy Happy! To many, many more years of our beautiful, brilliant, and big-hearted Brandon-junkie!

*buries you in snuggles* 

ATU :: Earth Clois

Posting Chapter Sixty-Two: No Holding Back

 Ask and ye shall recieve. Ladies and my two Gentlemen, starting up just where it left off, may I unveil...

Collapse )
Once upon a time
Once beneath the stars
The universe was ours
Love was all we knew
And all I knew was you
I wonder if you know
I wonder if you think about it
Once upon a time
In your wildest dreams
~The Moody Blues, In Your Wildest Dreams
ATU :: Earth Clois

Because babettew54 Got Me Looking...

One Night in Smallville. *sigh* I miss the good old days. Except for the Clana. It can slither off in the corner and died. Slowly. Painfully. Choking on the Clois fans' collective vomit from the last two weeks. *pauses* Think I worded that strongly enough?

Destiny. Ignore the Zombie!Clana at the beginning. The rest of the video is worth it.

Misery Business. The theme of SV Clois fans everywhere. I LOVE this video!

The Journey Is The Destination. Beautiful, beautiful video about the road travelled.