October 19th, 2007

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Process Complete!

First week of Anissa's writing schedule worked out perfectly. The chapter is finished and with the beta team with a final tally of 7,662 words and fifteen pages. Our time in Smallville is winding down, though; a chapter or two and we're back to the Big Apricot. I've really loved working on this section, but we have another event on the horizon. That and I hope we're not boring anyone. ;) 

Also on the burner are my personal oneshot from Original Movieverse, Out of Reach. It will follow canon between SIII and SIV. And anyone who's seen either film know how SIII ends and a little infamous bomb Lois drops on him in the first half hour. It has something in common with LS. It will be angsty, so just fair warning. And Anissa and I are both going to particate in

quirky_circe's Twenty Random Fact About... DCU. We have fifteen facts each so far for both Lois and Kal-El. That's 30, counting both. Now we just need ten more. Five each. And I think someof ours even approach being as cool as Tam's. Almost. ;)

And we also have two other oneshots to finish. It's a good time to be an LS fan, folks. The Muse and the Plot Bunny of Doom must be in one this together. 




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See you all later tonight!

ETA: Out Of Reach will be entitled I Know The Truth. I currently have 300 words on it, although I'm starting at the most important moment of the story and working outward. This one is going to hurt, but I always wondered why it was never explored. 

Here's a spoiler:

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ATU :: Earth Clois

I'm Not Defeated On My Original Opinion...

but maybe Moonlight isn't a complete waste of time. Still too many things in it that remind me too strongly of Kindred and Forever Knight, but my mother sat on me again this week, making me sit through the entire episode. Not bad this evening. We're getting to where I might be able to tolerate it. One thing I could happily see more of is Beth. Loved the actress in Underworld and it's nice to see that she can act instead of just simper. 

Go on, writers. You have a hard sell to make, but there might just be a chance I'll attempt to watch this without my mother forcing me.

And that's saying something.
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