September 17th, 2007

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Work Woes and a Progress Update

Currently, I'm feeling like this at work, although I'm not quite as frustrated as the rest of the staff. 


We lost two more people recently. No one seems to actually want to work anymore. Like they pay you the kind of money we make to stand around and look pretty. I don't get it. You're paid to do a job, and paid pretty well. So do it. *sigh, shakes head*

In other good news, we're ahead on the chapter! Currently at 2,529 words and five pages, the new chapter is on its way fairly well. Two scenes down, one with Lana and another one with Clark and Martha, and that hilarious scene is coming up next.  elliania, dearest, can you make me a Round Two icon? *grins, winks* And a decision was made last night that will effect the entire family on Thanksgiving, which will take place at the end of One Week. And no, it has nothing to do with a ring. ;) The long-time readers know that! :D

We haven't forgotten our 12days_of_cloisprompts, either. 'Intimidation' might just be written up this week (it's a fairly short one) and 'Connection' will make it up before deadline, although LS might be held a week to finish it.  That one is longer and a bit more complex. I love both of them. As I mentioned before, Intimidation is set with the twins at fourteen or fifteen and set in Smallville. It teaches us a good lessons: never underestimate a Lane girl. And Connection is set a about six-months after LS, just around the time that everything your partner loses its rosy glow. Ladies and gentlemen, the first real disagreement. I love this last one, worrisome as it sounds. And it also highlights Ella, which makes me happy. 

Okay, all, out into the rainy weather I go. It started around the time I came home from work last night and hasn't stopped. *shrug* Hey, it's better than all this bloody heat we've had lately! The shame is, I love this weather and I have to go to work! *pout* Oh, well...
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