August 29th, 2007

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An Update and A Meme

First the update:

Well, we've made some headway so far this week. Our lastest chapter is at 1,818 words and four pages. This one is going to be another busy one as lives begin to intertwine and the reality of what's happened the last few chapters starts to sink in. Major changes are on the way in the lives of all of our leads, including the Grandmothers, although not so quickly. And there will soon be travel plans for several characters. An couple of them will be living Metropolis for a time, not planning on coming back for a while.  ;)

Then the meme:

Stolen from superdelly   

Me In A Word

Hoping For: My father-in law being out of the house just one more day.

Just Finished: An Appletini, in honor of the Horror-In-Law coming home later this afternoon (please don't, please don't!)

Jonesing For:  

dont_be_so_base to finish my SII:DC bases. I'm more than ready to start the overhaul here on the site. 

Most Annoying Brady Bunch Kid: Ummm, I don't really remember them. It's been years since I've seen it.

Word to Describe Your Personal Sense of Style: Eclectic

Last Snack: Homemade Banana Bread last night. Need to get lunch soon.

Have Never, Ever Tried: Skinny dipping.

Last Clumsy Injury: Ran into the CS desk trying to hurry around it to help a customer.

Your Environment: Always clashing with the Horror-In-Law's. Anissa and I like things to smell fresh and neat, he just... Yuck. I feel like I need an exorcist in this house.

Daily Object You'd Like to Throw Into Oncoming Traffic: A tossup between the Horror-In-Law and one of the new key-holders at my job.

Favorite Kind of Soup: Cream of Mushroom or Chicken Noodle

Holiday You Don't Typically Celebrate: Ummm, Easter? 

Happy To Have: All I have

Want To Start: Losing weight again

Need To Start: Saving again so we can move out of here!

Last Thing You Purchased: Dinner at Seattle's Best last week

Color of Your Car Interior: Our car hasd a grey interior

Color of the Wall in the Room You're In: Easter-Egg Yellow. Ick.

Days Since Your Last Night Out: 4

Number of Rings On Your Fingers: 0

How Many Minutes It Takes To Do Your Hair: Maybe five.

Favorite Outdoor Smell: Fall In Asheville.

Number of Clocks in Your Home (not on appliances):

Where You Put Spare Change: In my purse.



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Dear Life,

Doing six loads of laundry is not my idea of a good time. Especially not when I need to be doing non-domestic writing. Can we please fast-forward to later, most perferrably to the point after it's been washed, dried, and hung up? But still rewind it to the part before the Horror-In-Law came home? Kal-El, help a girl out with the time-issues, please?

Me <3 
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A Little Photo Preview For All Three Of You That Don't Already Know About The 'Heirs' Casting

Well, I just made a couple of of my clumsily-made icon/banner/picture sorta thingies (Kat, this is why I need you! They never turn out as good as yours! Waaah!) and shared them with Babette, so I thought I might just share them with the rest of the F-List. This will be a Kala/Jason pic post, both as they are now and as they grow, ending at Heirs to the House of El age. There are more of Kala than Jason at this point because Tristian is younger and there are almost none that aren't SR.

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And one of them together:

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Tagged by bistyboo1974

1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

1. I absolutely cannot stand when the Customer Service desk is a mess when I come in. I will spend the entire night, busy or not, cleaning it top to bottom if I can. Yet my room is comfortably messy. *shrug*
2. I'm hopelessly addicted to LJ icons and banners and have at least 80 more that no one has ever seen. I'm too happy with my LS and Superman to change, though. 
3. I also watch the most gruesome horror films when angry (something like Hostel or High Tension) and feel a load better afterwards. When depressed, straight to S:TM.
4. I'm a hugely fidgeter. It drives Anissa crazy.
5.  I loathe cold water, but have to rinse my hair in it in the shower every time I wash my hair.
6. Every perfume I own smells like food. Actually, almost every product for hair or bath or body smells like food, including my lip gloss.
7. I will literally make a circuit of YahooMail,, my LJ, my Friends list,, and YouTube when I'm bored or lonely.

Okay, tagging alphielj, sean_montgomery, htbthomas, elliania, mr_beeto, child_of_a_dot, and saavikam. Have at it, guys!