August 1st, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Head Count!!

Okay, all, it's been about what, two weeks since Potter. It's been about a week since Twilight. And most of you are still out of sight. This is simply for my peace of mind. Those of you still here and lurking and those of you still post, respond to this post just to let me know you're out there! Several of my favorites on LJ have been missing for a while and I'm really starting to worry about you. Yes, mithah, maaike_fluffy, and jaded_shade, you are on the top of that list! Alot has happened to all of us in the last little bit and I'm just worried about my LJ family. *hugs her F-list*

I really do love you guys. Don't forget that!

ETA: Just for the record, this is not a review whine. I read it again and I'm sorry if I sound like I'm pouting. I really do worry when everyone disappears!

ETAA: Huh, wasn't the release last week, Lori? I could have sworn I had heard that... *shrugs*