July 30th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

A Day Off and much planning afoot

Well, it's 4:22 pm my time and I'm sitting down to the computer to begin getting the ball rolling for the rest of this chapter and all of the setup for the final Act. I probably should warn everyone that we'll be taking a one-week break from chapter-posting after this one to get everything ready for Chapter 52 (which is already titled with a spoiler! :D) and to spruce up certain scenes upcoming that are in various states of being written. *grins at her Beta Team* Okay, all, I seem to remember promising you a pay-off when this Act was over. We intend to pay in full. ;)

I'm also working with 12days_of_clois  selections. And I'm working with a mystery artist on something potential dealing with one of my favorite scenes in the current chapter; a moment that was just written last night, as a matter of fact. Hopefully that will work out beautifully. That and I need to start chosing track for the officially unofficial LS soundtrack, the final selections. I do, however, have a playlist that I'll upload shortly with my favorite Act Four and beginning of Five inspirational tracks.

So much to do!   At currently 2,722 words and five pages, I have to say that Somebody Else's Life is moving along and we're doing great for a Monday! *hugs Anissa and thanks her for putting up with me* Doesn't mean we need to slack, but we're doing great. And I can't wait for the reactions to the end. As much fun as it's been, this part of the ride is nearly done and I'm ready for all that Act Five can bring. *grins knowingly* 

And Abby, I'm here! *hugs*   

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