July 24th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Sorry I worried a few of you...

But the last title was simply for those who read, not for the regulars. I know better than to think a tiny thing like 'shipping could get in the way of our friendship. And chickadilly , dear, tell your Ron and Luna it's safe to come out now. I won't tease Ron anymore. *whispers, "And I do think Miss Lovegood's much better for him" and hugs her Harry/Hermione* I just wanted to state my love for my ship without denouncing anyone else's. And bistyboo1974, I have something for you. Hopefully this will start your plot bunnies. Everyone thank Poggy at  http://poggy.bluetrident.net/hp.html for her gorgeous Lily/Snape pic, inspired by HBP. *LOL* Which will not load. You can find it here: http://poggy.bluetrident.net/hbp/sharedbook_col.jpg. Now, fly, my plot bunnies, on your invisible wings! ;)

In LS news, we're up to 3,181 words and seven pages on Somebody Else's Life. And Maggie and Toby are butting heads over what's privledged information and what's personal questions, Officer Smith returns with some disturbing news, and Lois tells us what life was really like while our hero was gone. Things are going just swimmingly writing-wise. The official final count has been made. Two chapters, this and the next, until Act Five.  Are you ready for it? ;)

ATU :: Earth Clois

Guess everyone's preoccupied with Potter

Wow, FF.net is dead as a doornell right now. It's been forever since my reviews were this low. Especially the last four chapters. Someone tell me that this is happening everywhere and my writing hasn't gotten dull (I know my LJ fans like the current storyline, but what gives?) Anyone else having this happen as well?