July 18th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Lovin' It!

Didn't get Hermione, but this is just as good!

Find out your Harry Potter personality at LiquidGeneration!

But I got Granger the second quiz around! 

The Harry Potter Personality Quiz

You're Hermione! You're smart, clever and full of ideas. You're always there to help your friends out of a tight spot using your logic and intellegence. You have an amazing work ethic- you'll stay up all night finishing a paper for class, and it'll be twice as long as it needs to be! Speaking of... Have you seen my copy of "Hogwarts, A History"?
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ATU :: Earth Clois

This Was Harder Than I Thought...

After everything else we've put them through, I never thought I'd have the hardest time of all writing Lois talking to an unconsious Kal-El about what he missed. It's also kind of funny just how easy it is to hear her in my head. I could probably even act this as Improv if needed. Wow. I knew I loved this character, but sometimes it even surprises me how easy she is to find. *hugs her Lois and Margot in turn* 

Just wow.

Starting at 1,120 now. Plan to get at least 400 words before Anissa gets home. How do I just know I'll be crying when she gets here? Lois Lane, I love you. It'll get better soon, love. Trust me, I know what the future holds.  *smiles, hugs her Lois again* 

ETA: 9:07 EST- Now up to 644 words on Lo. She's started talking to him now, starting with her first thoughts of him. 

Oh, current songlist:

Mandalay-Please (OMG, I love this song!!)
Marion Raven-Here I Am
Donnie Darko Soundtrack-Mad World
Breaking Bejamin-Here We Are
The All-American Rejects-Straightjacket Feeling
Beauty and the Beast TV Soundtrack-Catherine's Lullabye
Matchbox Twenty-You Won't Be Mine
Aida Soundtrack-Written In The Stars
Robbie Williams-Advertising Space
Simple Plan-Untitled
Jude-I Know
k.d. lang-My Old Addiction
Christina Aguilera-Hurt
Eva Cassidy-Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Peter Gabriel-I Grieve
Gabriel Yared-An Angel Falls
Jimmy Eat World-23
Fiona Apple-The Child Is Gone
Damien Apple-The Blower's Daughter
Gavin Degraw-Belief

 ETA: 10:22 EST- Taking a few minutes' break. 1,101 words. Talking about how they met and her real first thoughts about Clark. Just got to First Night. Will shortly be talking about the interim between STM and SII. Just hope no one get bored with her one-sided conversation.