July 15th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

*Stares at the Movieverse results in shock, speechless with amazement*



And to think that I only wanted one person to notice this story way back last year. And now...

*pauses to bite lip, astonished*

I love you guys, all of you. Even those that are out there but don't post. This is such an honor, truly. I...


Can't think of anything to really approach my awe and happiness.

Just know I love you all and this has made me so very proud. Thank you. All of you.

*sniffles as she hugs her F-List*


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ATU :: Earth Clois

*dies, looks at meme, dies again*, Part Deux

LJ House Party by fayray
The DJbistyboo1974
The Drunksuperdelly
The Hottiesean_montgomery
The Wallflowerreturns06
The Playermithah
The Gambleralamo_girl80
The Horny Onehtbthomas
The Crashermr_beeto
The Love Interestchickadilly
How many people got laid176
Chances the party will be a sucess