July 14th, 2007

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In Which The Author Admits that she's a loser

Okay, let me start out by saying, I'm sucked at updates this week. Sucked like a pack of straws. Like a Dyson vacuum cleaner (better suction than a Hoover. See what working for a high-end department store does for you? *makes 'Loser' sign at self*). Like a Jim Carrey comedy. And for that, I apologize profusely. That said, let me move on. *makes another 'Loser' sign at self*

Buuuuuut, Holy Dear God, folks! When the Muse decides we haven't written enough, she lets us know. Anissa and I will be out-of-town until Sunday night (Anissa's birthday weekend: Hyatt Regency for a night and Ripley's and Wonderworks, plus dinner out) after posting later this morning, but what a massive chapter we've left for you. When Your Angels Can't Sing tops out at 7,349 words and fourteen pages. And alot of ground gets covered.

Now I can't wait to get the next chapter, Belief , started. Just a couple more chapters until Act Five. That's it, two or three tops.

Now for our little spoiler, with someone we haven't seen in a bit...

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Alright, see you guys around 12!
ATU :: Earth Clois

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“Hello this is a tell offer & voice ___. Voice Posting to you from my car on my way to Orlando. Yeah, we left later than expected, but what the heck is new with us. Anyway the reason why I'm Voice Posting from ___ is because we weren't able to get a laptop. We're gonna be staying at the Highet(?) Regency however & they have a business center & they should have internet access so we might be in touch or we might not, but our access is going to be spotty because we don't have a laptop. The service is down, but she's kind of glad because this means she won't find out till Sun who won. That's the other good thing, we probably won't find out until Sun who won what on the Superman Movie Verse(?) Awards. If you haven't voted, go vote, go vote now. Go tell a little secret & if you can, vote for us. Vote for underground, k. Alright, yeah, probably just made a total jack ass out of myself but I can't contain it there, so what the hell. Anyway, all you guys have fun. Read the chapter, review it if you get a chance. You know we love ya. & if you really really need to contact us, the cell's on & Mom has our No. Yes, that means you Barb, you're Mom officially.”

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