July 7th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Process Complete!

Okay, folks, just a brief update before I crawl my butt into bed. Chapter Forty-Seven, Fallen, clocks in at 5,782 words and eleven pages.  This one is another personal favorite. Been waiting a long time to get here. Off to the beta team it goes and should be posted around 1:00pm. See you all then!
ATU :: Earth Clois

Posting Chapter Forty-Seven

OKay, here's the lastest installment, ladies and Brian. Hopefully it will clear up most of last week's question. If it doesn't let me know. In other news, tomorrow will be our little fic's birthday. Tomorrow we will have been writing LS for a year. Wow, it's doesn't seem half that long. Where has the time gone?

But, in light of that, might I present to you:

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