June 21st, 2007

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OMG, I'm Going To Die...

Anyone who knows me well knows, for various reasons, that I can not stand romance novels. Even when I was younger, curious, and gullible, I really had no use for them. I will admit, however, to owning three old-school intelligent works of period romance with awful covers and barf-inducing titles. They are, however, very well-written and totally absorbing. You want to know titles, I'll email them. :P I will not embarass myself.

However, the link I am about to post contains none of the above. I suggest that you not read this on the job or with food or a beverage nearby, most especially a hot one. You will laugh so hard, you'll cry. I promise you that. 'Nissa nearly threw up from hilarity. Serious.

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books' Covers Gone Wild

See? Told ya! *snickersnort* 

Happy Thursday!

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The All-Margie Channel

For those of us amongst us that are Margot fans, here's some great clips from her films:

Margot Mentions Superman on 'Banacek' (1972) No, she hadn't even been approached about the film yet.

Black Christmas-Best Barb Moments (Rated R)

Fanvid of 'Shoot The Sun Down' starring Margot and Christopher Walken

Ollllld Trailer for 'Sisters', the Film DePalma Made As Margot's Christmas Present
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Progress Update

All goes well writing-wise, although I'm working on two very emotionally-packed scenes this afternoon. Playing tear-jerker songs really will take a toll on you, folks. *LOL, sniffle* Realism occasionally comes at a price.

In the good news, Great Expectations is momentarily at 5,657 words and 12 pages. I have the feeling, since we have two more scenes to go, we'll most definitely be spliting it into two parts, which works out since Anissa and I have two seperate due dates. We plan to do our traditional 12days_of_clois posting, one at 11:59pm on Sunday and the next at 12:01am on Monday. Hopefully that's all good with our fearless leader, bistyboo1974.

And there are only two scenes left to go on To Dance With The Devil. A final moment between Superman, Lana, and Richard and the ending of the chapter. This chapter and the next two will most likely be the most difficult ones we've ever written. Period. *bites lip*

Well, now, back to work. *hugs her F-list*