June 1st, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

The Suckage Is Complete!

Well, the grand finale was last night. And boy, was it!

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I guess it goes without saying that Anissa lived, seeing as how she wrote a LJ entry far more amusing than mine. And I'm not due back in until Sunday. Thank God. Maybe everything will work out better next week. *rolls eyes heavenward*

One can only hope.

P.S. We're both home today, so maybe finishing off this chappie will cheer us both up. *hugs her entire F-list for putting up with the whiney and Jor-El-like clone of the Author this week.*
ATU :: Earth Clois

And Just To Top It All Off...

Anissa just called to tell me that the job called her cellphone. Turns out Carol was calling me in just after my mom picked me up tto spend the day with her. *throws hands up in the air* Seems that she was told that I needed a few extra hours. I do remember saying this yesterday, only that I'd come in and work it if they needed me to. Now, this means calling me early, soooo... No dice.

And here I am trying not to feel guilty about not being there. *sighes and shrugs* What kind of idiot am I? The kind that feels reponsible for everyone.

Going to dinner. Update later!