May 12th, 2007

ATU :: Earth Clois

Final Progress Report

Okay, all. In the Belly of the Beast has now been sent off to B for its final polish. It's not as large as our recent chapters at 4,677 words and 9 pages, but it's action coming out the gate and never quite stops until the end of the final page. The Heavy Action beginith now!

And just think: we have nothing to do for the next week but rest, relax, sight-see, and WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER!  *screams with joy and throws her invisible hat in the air*  And that's the real Lex vs. Lois. 

Until tomorrow, all! ;)
ATU :: Earth Clois


Well, everybody, I'm set to post the chappie. The problem is, I need to get hold of B and explain that the attachment isn't linking up to the email. B, if you see this, send it to my Yahoo! address, okay? Maybe the glitch is in But yes, it's good to go as soon as I can get hold of her! Hopefully it will be up before the evening.